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ASTM D Pressure Testing Burst Tester Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Test Equipment

ASTM D Pressure Testing Burst Tester Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Test Equipment

  • ASTM D Pressure Testing Burst Tester Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Test Equipment
ASTM D Pressure Testing Burst Tester Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Test Equipment
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Dahometer
Certification: ISO
Model Number: ZXGY-10B-3
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: about 7 days
Payment Terms: D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 sets per months
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Detailed Product Description
Name: ASTM D Pressure Testing Burst Tester Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Test Equipment Standard: GB/T 6111-2003,GB/T 15560-1995
System Working Pressure: 0~10 MPa Pressure Fluctuation: -1%~2%
Pressure Indexing Value: 0.001MPa Power Supply Pressure Station: 380(1-15%)VAC~380(1+10%)VAC 4.0kW

ASTM D Pressure Testing Burst Tester Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Test Equipment



It is suitable to determine the pressure-resisting broken time or the maximum pressure value of instantaneous blast of thermoplastic pipes and compound pipes (such as PP-R ,PP-B ,PP-A ,PE ,PE-X ,PVC ,PVC-U and PVC-C ) under long-term constant internal pressure and temperature .It is indispensable for manufacturers of plastic pipes and testing institutions .



GB/T 6111-2003 <<Test method for damage resistance time of thermoplastic pipe under long-term constant internal pressure>>

GB/T 15560-1995 <<Test method for hydraulic instantaneous blasting and pressure resistance of plastic pipes for fluid transport>>


1.1 system composition

The instrument consists of pressure source, pressure host and computer software system.


Pressure source:Main function is to provide pressure host pressure, pressure station requirement is lower limit must be higher than that of all samples tested by pressure, this part USES the large flow, low noise, high pressure plunger pump, free maintenance, through the external pressure of demineralized water, able to complete the automatic filling water, ensure the reliability of the total pressure, become one of the most reliable source of pressure.


Pressure host:It is composed of pressure micro control part, automatic pressure supplement and electric pressure relief part. The pressure micro control part is controlled by microcomputer MCU, equipped with high resolution and high speed ∑-△ 16-bit ANALOG-to-digital conversion chip, and the computer can communicate constantly, and can automatically fill and relieve pressure according to the pressure situation.



Software system :It is connected to the pressure host through the RS232 serial interface of the computer, and provides various functions such as parameter setting, calibration, pressure relief, zero adjustment, amplitude modulation, test curve drawing, test record storage and test report printing.


Limitations and description of instrument use:

1)The use of the instrument must meet the following conditions can be tested.

2) Ambient temperature: within the range of 10℃ ~ 40℃;

3) Relative humidity of the environment within 30% - 80%;

4)No vibration around, no corrosive medium environment;

5)Correctly installed and levelled on a firm foundation;

6) There is no strong magnetic field interference and no strong convection in the surrounding air.


1.2 Attentions:

  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
  • Do not place the instrument in an unstable place.
  • Use the instrument under specified power conditions.Do not place anything on the power cord, and do not place the power cord of the instrument where people can step on it. If an extension cord is used, ensure that the extension cord is consistent with the current rating of the original wire.
  • In order to prevent electric shock, do not repair the instrument by yourself. Opening or removing the housing may pose a high pressure hazard. When the instrument is not tested or repaired for a long time, please turn off the power to avoid accidents.
  • The instrument should be convenient around the water and drainage, do not put the instrument in the vicinity of often water, to prevent electrical corrosion by moisture.
  • When filling the sample with water, the upper end of the fixture is strictly prohibited to run the air hole at the person, when the high pressure water spatter is easy to hurt people, especially when clamping the sample at high temperature, it is strictly prohibited to take ordinary cotton gloves, it is necessary to take waterproof and heat insulation gloves.
  • In the sample clamping, it is strictly prohibited to dip into the water tank cover can reach the place.
  • At the end of the test, it is necessary to click the save button of the road to save the experimental data into the database of the computer by the temporary storage unit, otherwise the new test can not be carried out on the road.

1.3Specification and installation

System working pressure: 0~10 MPa (0~16MPa and 0~20MPa need to custom)

Pressure fluctuation:-1%~2%

Pressure indexing value:0.001MPa

Timer working time:0~10000 hours

Timing error:±0.1%


Instrument storage conditions:

1)The instrument and its accessories must be kept in a dry environment.

2)No vibration around, no corrosive medium environment.

3)No strong extrusion around the environment, no damage to the instrument.

4)The base of the instrument is installed with a caster. After releasing the foot brake plate controlling the caster, the instrument can be pushed to an appropriate position and locked.


Power supply:

The host:220(1-15%)VAC~220(1+10%)VAC,50Hz, 1.0kW

pressure station:380(1-15%)VAC~380(1+10%)VAC 4.0kW


Inspection before using the machine:

1)Check whether the power cable and signal cable are plugged in tightly.

2)Whether the high-pressure hose connection between the pressure host and the pressure station, the pressure host and the water tank is reliable.


Safety warning during maintenance:

Do not operate with the power on when removing or installing the panel. Remove the power cable before the operation.


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