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New Sun Light Fastness Test Machine Solar Simulator Xenon Arc Test Chamber

New Sun Light Fastness Test Machine Solar Simulator Xenon Arc Test Chamber

  • New Sun Light Fastness Test Machine Solar Simulator Xenon Arc Test Chamber
New Sun Light Fastness Test Machine Solar Simulator Xenon Arc Test Chamber
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Dahometer
Certification: ISO,SGS
Model Number: DH-XD-80
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: about 7 days
Payment Terms: D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 sets per months
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Detailed Product Description
Name: New Sun Light Fastness Test Machine Solar Simulator Xenon Arc Test Chamber VOLUME(L): 80
Inner Size: WHD(cm): 40*50*40 External Size: WHD(cm): 105*185*115
Temperature And Humidity Uniformity: ± 2°C; ± 3%RH Temperature Range: 0℃~80℃, Adjustable
High Light:

Sun Light Fastness Test Machine


Solar Simulator Xenon Arc Test Chamber


SSR control Xenon Arc Test Chamber

New Sun Light Fastness Test Machine Solar Simulator Xenon Arc Test Chamber




By using the xenon lamp to simulate sunlight,and condensation of moisture to simulate rain and dew.put the testing specimen under sunlight at some temperature and humidity alternant cycle program to do the testing.the machine can help to show the bad effect on specimen from outdoor environment in short time with several days or weeks instead of years.The testing data can help to choose more suitable materials.and improve existed materials.and evaluate the changing of formula how to effect the durability of products.





1.Adopt the long axis fan motor,anti high and low temperature stainless steel multi-blades wheel,have good convection.and vertical diffusion cycle.


2.Double-layer anti-high temperature sealing strip has been used between the door and the make sure the leakproofness for the testing area.


3.Adopt non-counteractive door knob,more easy operation.


4. Adopt high quality fixable PU running wheel of the bottom of machine.


5.Adopt multi-layer hollow tempered glass inspection window.(can observe the testing procedure clearly)


6.Irregular shape sample holder,make the installation of testing specimen more easier.and convenient to be used.


7. The working life of xenon lamp is determined by the radiation level.normal service life of lamp is 1600 hours.Lamp is easy to be changed.The effective filter can make sure spectrum demanded can be offered.




Model DH-XD
-80 -150 -225 -408 -800 -1000
Inner size: WHD(cm) 40*50*40 50*60*50 60*75*50 60*85*80 100*100*80 100*100*100
External size: WHD(cm) 105*185*115 105*185*115 115*195*115 135*210*120 155*230*145 155*230*165
Temperature and humidity uniformity ± 2°C; ± 3%RH
Temperature range 0℃~80℃, adjustable
Humidity range 30%~98%R.H
Type of light source imported air-cooled full solar spectrum long arc xenon lamp (average service life is around 1600 hours)
Rainfall time 1~9999min, adjustable
Rainfall cycle 1~240min,interval is adjustable
Wavelength 290nm~800nm
Source irradiance 290~800nm: 100~600w/m2
300~890nm: 200~1200w/m2
340nm: 0.3~1.2w/m2
420nm: 20~120w/m2
Distance from the center of the arc to the sample holder 350~380mm
Sample rotating basket speed ≥1r/min
Water spray cycle Water spray time: 0 ~ 99h59min, continuously adjustable; Stopping time: 0~99h59min, continuously adjustable
Light time Continuous programming
Blackboard temperature 85±3℃
Cooling method Mechanical refrigeration air cooling
Xenon lamp light Xenon long-arc lamp, 1.8KW±10%, 290-800nm, 1200W/m2
Xenon lamp light quantity 1PCS 2pcs 3 PCS
Box material Stainless Steel SUS304#
Control and cooling system Korea TEMI programmable controller
Power (w) 4500 5500 6000 11800 13500 14000
weight (kg) 230 230 300 450 550 680

4.Temperature and humidity operation control system


Controller:imported programmable full touch 7 inch


Accuracy range:Setting accuracy: temperature ±0.1 °C, humidity ± 2% R.H,

indicating accuracy:temperature ± 0.1 ° C, humidity ± 1% R. H


Temperature and Humidity Sensor:Platinum Resistance. PT100Ω/MV


Blackboard temperature:bimetal blackboard thermometer


Water supply system:humidification water supply adopts automatic control,

Xenon lamp cooling cycle water


Circulating system:Temperature and low noise air conditioning type motor.

Multi-leaf centrifugal wind wheel


Control system:Mainly composed of an operation panel, a central controller,

Various key switches, status indicators, and executive appliances.



5.The structural part of the cabinet


The xenon lamp climate test chamber consists of the following parts: test chamber, control system, refrigeration/dehumidification system, heating system, humidification system, air duct system, rain system, lighting system, etc.


Test box cabinet:


The test box adopts integrated structure, the upper part of the box is the working chamber, the upper part is the electric control room, and the lower part is the compressor refrigeration unit. The sample machine mechanical speed device, the xenon lamp condensate tank, the water pump and other actuators, electrical control The cabinet is placed on the right side of the test chamber for easy operation.


The inner wall of the test box is made of international SUS304# stainless steel plate.

The insulation material of the box is made of polyurethane foam and ultra-fine glass fiber. The heat preservation effect is good. The outer surface of the test box is not frosted and does not condense.


There is a condensate drain at the bottom of the box.


The door frame adopts environmentally friendly silicone rubber sealing strip which can withstand high and low temperature for a long time.


There is a glass observation window on the front of the box, and the cover is attached with a film to protect the eyes from damage.


Outer box:


The outer box is processed by CNC machine tool, the shell of the box is processed by high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed after pickling and phosphating;


Door and door buckle:


The door seal is made of double-layer refined silicone rubber, so there is no aging and hardening under high and low temperature conditions, and the sealing is more reliable;


The test box is a single door (embedded door handle) with a non-reaction handle;


The door is equipped with an observation window, an anti-frost device and a switchable control lamp;


Observation window:


Size: 25 cm W × 30 cm H;

radiation protection hollow glass observation window;


  • The electronic control part of the test chamber:


This part is the core part of the test chamber;


The main switch of the power supply is an air pressure switch that controls the overall circuit part;


Safety protection measures for the electronic control part: When the control system detects the following protection devices (single row), it should be able to automatically cut off the whole system and alarm prompts;


Studio over temperature protection;


Power supply phase loss, leakage protection;


Blowing motor overcurrent protection;


Chiller overpressure / overload protection;


Heater, humidifier short circuit / overload protection;


Fuse blow protection;



  • The working part of the test chamber


Compressor condensation section:


Refrigeration system: The core of the refrigeration system is the compressor. In this scheme, we use a French Taikang fully enclosed compressor to ensure the cooling requirements of the studio.


Design and application of refrigeration system Energy-adjusting technology, an effective treatment method can ensure the energy consumption and cooling capacity of the refrigeration system can be adjusted under the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, so that the operating cost of the refrigeration system and The failure rate drops to a more economical state.


Refrigeration evaporator: The evaporator is located in the air duct interlayer at one end of the test box, and is forcedly ventilated by the blower motor to quickly exchange heat.


Cooling system cooling mode: forced air cooling;


Refrigerant: R404a; (environmental refrigerant)

Heating section:


Heating side: direct heating in the test chamber;


Military grade stainless steel finned heating tube is adopted, and the heating rate is stable, which can keep the temperature inside the box from changing sharply. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, no leakage, easy installation and so on;


Adopt SSR (solid state relay) output control, which has the advantages of no noise, reliable operation, long life, strong anti-interference ability, fast switching speed, small external interference and convenient use;


Rain system:


Rain system is mainly composed of nozzle, solenoid valve, water supply source and connecting hose.


Lighting system:


The illumination system is mainly composed of a xenon lamp, a lampshade, a xenon lamp trigger and various control devices. Xenon lamp energy compensation is achieved by adjusting the distance of the sample rack and adjusting the voltage and current.


Air duct system:


The air duct system is located in the interlayer of the rear of the test chamber, and is equipped with devices such as heaters, blades, evaporators, and PT100 temperature sampling sensors. When the fan rotates at a high speed, the air in the working chamber is sucked into the air duct from the upper part, and the heat generated by the heater and the amount of cold generated by the evaporator are sufficiently mixed in the air duct to be blown out from below, and exchange heat with the sample in the working chamber. The rear air is then sucked into the air duct for mixing; repeated cycles to achieve the target temperature requirements, while ensuring a high temperature and humidity index in the test chamber.


Refrigeration / Dehumidification System:


Select the world famous brand “Tai Kang” fully enclosed industrial refrigeration compressor. Mainly used to cool xenon lamp and constant working chamber temperature and reduce humidity in working room.


Humidification section:


Steam generator: vaporizes water to produce the steam required by the equipment.


Water level control: The solenoid valve controls the water inlet, and the liquid level switch controls the water level to provide a signal for controlling the watering and alarm of the humidifier.


Gas circulation section:l


Built-in circulating air duct and ventilator, using efficient chiller and energy regulation system, effective heat exchange through high-efficiency ventilator,to achieve temperature change.air flow and exchange capacity of the humidification and air cooler has been enhanced by improving air blast airflow.Through the adjustable air vent of the air outlet, greatly improving the uniformity of temperature and humidity of the test chamber.

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